Bring home the fun

Since 1954, it's our desire to make your breakfast and snacking more delicious and fun. All spreads and snacks are made with love, care and the best that nature has to offer us: the coconut.

The iconic Fruitbakery dough

At our Bakery we only use an handfull of carefully selected quality ingredients.
We mix and bake just as long as it needs to make sure that every dough has a sweet, smooth and soft texture with a tasty bite.
We think it’s important that everyone can enjoy our spreads. That means: no gluten, no palm oil, no preservatives, low salt and a source of fibres.
Besides that, our slices are the easiest way to spread your bread with. So, be wice, take a slice!
Everyone deserves an easy start of the day with no hassle, you too.